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Sure, it's derivative. You've seen this story before. Maybe a hundred times. But this differs from the rest of the romantic comedies for one very big reason -- Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich is utterly charming throughout this movie. Until now, I knew her as a sci-fi action star and gorgeous model. But she shines in this film. Even when she's muttering the silliest lines fed to her by this so-so, been-there-done-that script, Milla is the "real deal."

I give this movie just three stars (based fully on Milla Jovovich's performance). She's so good, and I adored her so much in this movie, that I might just add it to my DVD collection. Even with only three stars.

ShawnNH (Email ) 21.10.07 18:22

Hi all!

Zinger - Classic


stywotomown (Email ) 21.10.07 16:12